Thursday, March 24, 2011

◊♥ Cosmetics Must Have ♥◊ ☺Tuesday☺


{   Most guys and gals seem to love eyeliner! Girls are starting to get fiesty with the heavy eyeliner, while most guys (and girls) just like it really light and natural. It boldens your eyes and makes it..pop! (?) :D I love eyeliner, though sometimes it smudges =.= on occasions. I reccomend the waterproof kind if you're planning on it to last almost all day. I rather use eyeliner pencil rather than liquid eyeliner. I really [kind of] hate the liquid eyeliners...it's not that I can't use them properly but sometimes I accidently get them in my eye or either the brush it too hard. Eyeliner pencils are much easier for me. I recently tried eyeliner cream, too. It's fantastic! I love it so much! It works great and the color is so rich! }

Pencil eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner

◊♥ Cosmetics Must Have ♥◊ ☺Monday☺

Concealer & Foundation

    Personally, I absolutely HATE the first day of the week and that day of the week is Monday. I loathe it. Why? Every weekend, I enjoy a two days with friends and family, staying up late til I drift off to sleep. On Monday, I wake up, heading towards my mirror, looking like a zombie! Tired, droopy eyes. Dark circles from lack of sleep, messy hair, chapped lips? I really hate those  days. I honesly can never find myself going anywhere without concealer and foundation.
Why, you ask again? Well because concealer covers up acne, scars, and uneven areas on your face (your flaws). It's the best cover-up and I started using it a year and a half ago << yeah..I'm a little slow on makeup XD >>
   It's a MUST for me. I can't go on a day without it (unless I'm at home..that's a different story.) XD


Concealer stick
Concealer Stick

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer


*I prefer to use minerals/ the powder kind now because it gives a better flawless natural look so I highly reccommend it, though you don't have to. Just like to share an opinion

xoxo, Jin

Ulzzang Secrets TO Good Pictures

HAllo!! I'm so sorry I've been nusy lately. Exams are top knotch and crazy this year! Now that they're over for now, let me share you some secrets I know/learned from Ulzzangs taking their pictures or "Selcas" Self- Camera- taken my yourself.

1. Different expressions- Taking picures with different expressions can be fun and cute! But just don't go too far. =.= It might just get a little obvious and make peoplet think that you're trying to be who you're not. Some expressions might not fit you but there are billions of expressions. Have fun and try them out. (: Find one that suits you best & that can be your signature smile ;)

2. Lighting- one of the most important is lighting. Lighting can help hide your flaws and make you appear lighter skin, toned too, like many Ulzzangs. Find a semi-bright area and that'll be fine. Don't choose a place that's too bright or you'll have a nose or mouth mussing in your pic!

3. Angles- Ulzzangs use many different angles in taking selcas but I think the most common is the 45 degree angle. I heard it gives your picture of a finer chin and nose and makes your eyes look a little bigger. Try using your arms to give it a close-up or distance.

4. Hands- Ok, everyonehas flaws. A simple way to cover them is using a cover up like hats, scarves, hands, practically anything actually. Trust me, It'll make a difference!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dry flaky skin

Everyone experienced dry, irritating skin once in a while and it's a fact that it commonly happens during cold seasons. Since spring and summers are fairly humid seasons don't think that's when your dry skin is gone.Dry skin occurs once in a while anytime, anywhere. So want that healthy moisturized, smooth skin? Here are some helpful tips to rid dry skin!:

1- Vaseline! Here is a simple way to moisturize your skin overnight for all you lazy-wazys lIke me^^!! Ok before I go to bed I wash my face thoroughly and pat my face with a towel until ITs dry. I apply a fairly good amount of this Vaseline over my entire face < avoid your hair because it really gets a oily look the next day> :/ but the next day, it should feel super smooth and hydrated ;D

2- Removing dry skin. Get a nice towel, preferably small, and damp it with cool water. Wrap a small part of the towel around your index finger and GENTLY rub that area in circular motions. Do this for a few second. After finished put on some lotion.

3- Exfoliate your skin. There are some fairly good products out there that allows you to remove your dead skin cells. There's a home made skin exfoliated I will post up soon.

4- When washing your face AVOID HOT QATER!!! hot water takes the moisture off your face that it needs, leaving the skin dry. Wash with cool water.

5- When going outside in the cold , protect your skin by wearing gloves and scarfs, etc.

6- Eat healthy foods.
Shiseido Sunscreen helps you maintain your beautiful natural skin tone with a Look of a glow. Not only that but it also protects your skin against the sun.
I highly recommend this since summer is coming up with the intense hot weather : D
It works great on my skin. Never had sunburn before either!! ^^
it's water resistant and very safe for your face and body :D
Where I get mine--- Macy's


Thursday, March 10, 2011